Hamon Forms

Hamon Characteristics & Terminology

It is important to note that the term 'Hamon' is not synonymous with the term 'tempered edge'. This itself is a misnomer because many lay people use the term in reference to the hardened edge of the blade. In a metallurgical context the term 'temper' means to soften, and relates to a precise process in the manufacture of a blade. There have been several very enlightening discussions of this topic in the Mailing Lists.

Hamon literally means 'edge badge' and refers to the line of nie/nioi which delineates the yakiba or hardened portion along the sharp edge of the blade from the Ji-hada or blade surface behind the hardened portion. The actual edge of the blade is termed the ha.

Supplementary Terminology

ito/hoso = narrow     ch/naka = medium     hiro = wide      Ko = small      = large

These qualifying terms are used in conjunction with the main terms below for greater precision in describing the appearance of the hamon.

Suguha Midare Notare Choji Gunome Gunome Choji Toranha Sambonsugi

Juzuba Hitatsura Yahazu MidareHako Midare Choji Midare Sudare Gunome Sambon Choji Kikusui

Saka Choji Fuji Nokogiri Ba Mimigata Juka Choji Kawazu no ko Choji Suguha Hotsure Suguha Nezumi Ashi

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