Practice Date Inscriptions

Translations Below

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Oshigata One Oshigata Two Oshigata Three Oshigata Four
One Two Three Four


Date One

Oshigata 1 kanji

Tenp˘ 10 nen 12 gatsu hi    (1830 + 10 - 1) = 1839 CE

A day in the twelfth month of the tenth year of Tenp˘

Date Two

Oshigata 2 kanji

Ansei 4 nen 8 gatsu hi    (1854 + 4 - 1) = 1857 CE

A day in the eighth month of the fourth year of Ansei

Date Three

Oshigata 3 kanji

Tenmei 7 nen 8 gatsu hi    (1781 + 7 - 1) = 1787 CE

A day in the eighth month of the seventh year of Tenmei

Date Four

Oshigata 4 kanji

An-Ei 9 nen 8 gatsu hi    (1772 + 9 - 1) = 1780

A day in the eighth month of the ninth year of An-ei

As can be seen, the latter three blades are all dated 'a day in the 8th month'. This gives some idea of the variations and distortions encountered in kanji, particularly when the smith has used a cursive style. Note also the distortion in An between Date Two and Date Four, and compare nen, gatsu and hi in each.

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