Boshi Forms

B˘shi Forms and Terminology

The B˘shi is the hardened portion of the kissaki or tip of the blade. It can provide useful indicators both to the condition of the blade and to the maker/school. It is important that the b˘shi is intact for a blade to retain its full value. When the b˘shi is absent this could indicate a repaired broken blade with a reground tip, or that the blade is 'tired' from too many polishes. In both these cases the blade will be significantly reduced in value whatever the maker.

Yakizume Ichimonji Kaeri Omaru Komaru Komaru Nieru Kaeri Fukashi

Kaeri Buka Kaeri Asashi Kaeri Tsuyoshi Jizo Notare Komi Midare Komi

Choji Midare Komi Nie Kozure Kaen Ichi Mai Yokote Uehososhi Hakikake

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